Our Philosophy

Simplifying Quality & Food Safety


Systems Should Be

Systems should be easy to learn and adhere to. RQS strives to create succinct systems free of redundancy to help you maintain employee comprehension and adherence.

Quality Programs
Should Add Value

When properly implemented and maintained, your quality systems should earn the trust of your external partners and should minimize costly incidents. RQS will help you to establish a quality system which serves as an asset to your business.

Technology Improves Client Experience

To make the most of their time, clients should be able to communicate easily with consultants using web-based tools for file sharing, meetings and project management. Virtual - versus in-person - meetings will be an option to maximize efficiency.

Prevention is

Your systems should be focused on prevention and not on addressing an endless cycle of recurring incidents. RQS will help you to build prevention into your culture and systems to ensure that your resources are focused on looking to the future.

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